April 21, 2024


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How To Choose A Mobile Network Operator In Norway

The Easiest Way To Get A Norwegian Mobile Phone Number | Oslo

Finding the right mobile operator can be a difficult task when you’ve just moved to a new country. Roaming is an option, but it can get expensive if you do it for a long time. If you know you’ll be staying for a while, buying a local contract makes sense. Many different mobile operators in Norway make it challenging to find a contract that meets your needs. Reviews from Norskeanmeldelser.no can help you make the right choice too.

We’ve compiled a list of all the mobile operators in Norway, along with their benefits and drawbacks. Talkmore, as one of the listed below, has plans and benefits for both citizens and ex-pats.  With our tips, you’ll be able to sign up for the best contract for your needs. We’ve only included mobile operators that offer non-Norwegian speakers clear contracts.

Norway prepaid SIM card

In Norway, the mobile network is excellent, and you have many options for choosing a mobile operator. When visiting Norway for a short period, purchasing a prepaid SIM card is recommended. However, if you plan to stay for an extended period, you must obtain a contract. In the long run, it helps you save money. The longer your contract, the less you’ll have to pay for your phone and the better the terms.

Best Mobile network operator in Norway

That is a question people frequently ask. It’s difficult to say because not everyone uses their phone in the same way, and thus not everyone requires the same contract. Below is a list of the most popular mobile operators, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

Make a right mouse click anywhere on the page when you arrive on a Norwegian mobile operator’s website (Only works with Google Chrome browser!). Then it will bring “translate this page to English,” and a small dropdown menu will appear (or any other language). This will allow you to understand it better and make it easier for you.

These companies offer a variety of deals at various prices. Finding the best Norwegian mobile provider can be difficult. The operators that offer transparent and good contracts are listed below. Make sure to get a contract online, which is often less expensive than getting one in a store.

Mobile network operators in Norway

Norway takes pride in its excellent internet coverage across the country, with open hotspots relatively easy to come by. However, unless you have an EU number that allows you to use your subscription in multiple countries, you’ll need to purchase a Norwegian SIM card.

Under these major operators, several mobile network providers, such as OneCall and TalkMore, offer competitive prices and terms. Apart from free international calls and SMS, these companies provide non-binding contracts so that you can cancel at any time.


Ice is a relatively new player in the mobile operator market (it was founded in 2015). The main advantage of Ice is that they provide simple contracts, ensuring that their customers will not be surprised at the end of the month. They provide a variety of packages from which you can choose any data bundle that suits your needs. Ice is one of the most popular mobile operators among ex-pats in Denmark because they provide more options than most other mobile operators. They provide excellent deals that allow you to use your data bundle in Norway and throughout the EU.


Talkmore is a mobile service provider with excellent network coverage throughout Norway. It has enticing deals at a low price and currently offers three different data bundles and three different contracts. Talkmore offers three contracts with data volumes of 2 GB, 5 GB, and 7 GB. Their subscriptions allow you to surf freely throughout the EU. Ordering a subscription online is very convenient – you don’t even have to get out of your chair. Their delivery is both quick and free.