April 23, 2024


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How A Messy Room Appears In Your Home + What To Do About It


Other Factors That May Lead To Having A Messy Room

Sentimental Clutter

We see over + over again. When it comes to working with our beloved clients, one of the most common reasons some have a messy room is because they’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that they didn’t buy. 

Stuff they’ve received as gifts from friends + family and because they didn’t know how to (politely) say no to unwanted gifts nor had they devised an exit strategy for dealing with things they no longer use. Think random coffee mugs, nick-nacks, things that’ve been inherited from relatives who have long since passed away.

At the end of the day boo, sentimental clutter is no joke. In fact, we wrote an entire blog post on How To Tackle Sentimental Clutter.

Somewhere along this journey of getting organized you’re going to stumble across a stack of old family photos, your grandmother’s china collection or *dare I say it * a box that’s overflowing with kids artwork –– because if your children are anything like mine they are prolific artists! *wink*

Regardless of “what” it actually looks like, we define sentimental clutter as anything that makes your heart flutter with joy or sadness. 

If it makes your heart tingle with excitement, feel accomplished or loved. If it has any type of emotional value whatsoever (yup, you guessed it) it’s sentimental!

And a lot of times, we’re not simply “afraid” of hurting someone’s feelings but rather we feel a real sense of guilt for no longer wanting whatever ‘it’ is. Regardless of if that person is still alive or is no longer with us this can be really tough. 

So then, how do we deal with this honest deeply rooted sense of guilt? The answer: head on. Now, as your favorite go-to professional organizer in Seattle, we’re never ever going to force you to throw away + get rid of the things you feel attached to. 

We will, however, help you process through those swirling emotions + decide what to do with it because part of organizing a home you never want to leave is about recognizing what we keep in our homes has value to us.

In other words, if you’re bound by guilt + blindly keep stuff or hold on to items out of fear that one day that special someone will come over to your house + call you out by asking where that mini violin, Danny Divitto pillow cover or rubber chicken slingshot is –– then nothing in your home will have much meaning. 

How could it — instead of curating a home of the things you love, you’ve curated a home that’s built on a foundation of guilt.

And nobody wants that kind of home 😉

FOMO — Fear Of Missing Out

Another super common reason that we see a messy room is because some fear that if they get rid of it — they’ll need it later.

From the paper clutter of tax documents that we need to keep (but instead of all over the place should have a dedicated spot in our home) to the bins of extra wires, chargers + cords we cling to because you never know…we might need these things if we’re in a pinch, right? 

Well I hate to break it to ya boo, all of these things add up over the course of our lifetime + quite frankly we could all benefit from a healthy purge.

But keeping oddball stuff isn’t the only reason we hesitate when it comes to getting rid of things. In fact, a lot of times we second guess ourselves + the moment we’re about to let go of something a wave of doubt comes crashing down on us while creating fear around “what if I need it again.” 

The reality is, if you’re asking yourself this question — most likely, you won’t especially if you haven’t used it for years. 

So, what do we do? Instead of playing the what if game, ask yourself what would it take to let go of those old linens you haven’t used or put on the guest bed in 3, 4 or even 5 years? What would happen if you didn’t have umpteen thousand pens or highlighters (looking at you mom)? And what would it look like if when you went to make yourself a cup of coffee you grabbed a coffee mug that makes you smile instead of opening the cabinet + it looking like you’re competing with Bob Thomas for the world’s largest collection of coffee mugs (who btw has accumulated a whopping 6,352 different mugs)

Of course in reading this, it sounds incredibly easy to make the decision that leads you down a path towards your desired outcome but I cross my heart + promise you that every single one of us is holding onto something that’s collecting dust because we fear that if we let it go we’ll wind up needing it again in the future.

Fear Of Wasting Money

This is a big one because a messy room often has a handful of things that we’re holding onto even though no one is really using them. Things we’ve been meaning to post to Craigslist or OfferUp or things we don’t want to sell but never get around to using them like your old camping gear, bicycle or even extra furniture lining the bay of your garage.

But it’s not just the things we’ve been meaning to sell that we haven’t gotten around to, it’s also the stuff we’re holding onto for a friend or trying to give to someone in our family even though they may not want it either.

The fear of losing money is a tough cycle to break but the best way to deal with this bottleneck of clutter so you can finally undertake organizing your home is to put all of this stuff in one pile and set a date for when you will get rid of it. 


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