June 18, 2024


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Grey Couch Living Room Ideas


modern dark grey couch with orange pillows and dark grey wall

When it comes to your living room and the best styling a grey couch is a perfect option. The grey creates a perfect backdrop for just about any other color, and in fact, has the potential to add as many decor options as possible.

Add Pillows and Throws

Use colored pillows in different fabrics to immediately add changes in texture and some brightness in color. Then add some fine thin throws, that are easily laundered. The choice of colors is endless, so be careful to pick a contrasting color from the sofa.

Throws are not costly so they can easily be swapped around for different themes.

Image: dream green diy

Baskets and Plants

Place a bamboo or cane basket at the end of the sofa to keep all the magazines and newspapers in. As you don’t want them to clutter up the living room. Your lighting should be exceptional. Purchase some small side tables for either end of the sofa to place your specially chosen reading lamps on. White shaded lamps tend to throw better reading light and can be turned on at night for the right ambient effect, preferably chose lights with dimmers to keep them lower when you are not reading.

Place a tall plant on either side of your grey couch. The Fiddle leaf Fig is ideal, and as long as you water weekly and damp dust the leaves they don’t need a lot of care. A plant like this with large leaves is very environmentally friendly, it prefers some morning light in the room. If the light is poor, chose two hardy palms instead. Indoor plants are great in helping to purify the air we breathe.

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Artwork doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be a personal choice. You may have a few family portraits, and this room is perfect for them.

If you are purchasing art, be sure that the colors fit with your overall scheme. You may even have a tapestry to frame on the wall, making the room cozier in winter.

Grey Couch Living Room Ideas

Always have a big vase of fresh flowers most of the year-round. They add a lovely natural color to the room and can be virtually anything growing in your garden. In the middle of winter when flowers are scarce, use some branches and greenery for a simple effect, you may even find some red winter berries, that will keep for a few weeks in a vase and make the room look cheerful.

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Rugs also make a room look warmer, pick out a color that works with your space.


Grey is the perfect couch color, and there are so many greys to choose from.


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