July 22, 2024


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Decorating Your Home With Floor and Wall Tiles

Decorating Your Home With Floor and Wall Tiles

This article discusses decorating your home using ceramic tiles. Imagine, metaphorically speaking, a tabula rasa. A blank slate, a pure white, completely prepared room ready for you to decorate.

Lets take the kitchen and bathroom as examples as these are the rooms you would predominantly lay floor and wall tiles. You have an idea of what paint you will use to compliment your tiles so all you need now is the practical aspect to achieve an idealic space.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles have been prevalent for many years and were often styled in wealthy houses as fashion statements and as testimonials to the upper class. Proving to be talking points, a well known magazine would publish images of the best designed kitchens and bathrooms for readers to swoon over.

Available at a cost to suit any budget, tiles appear in everyone’s home today, either in the kitchen, bathroom or both. In larger houses there may be tiled entrances, which add to the overall grandness of the abode.

Determining the right tiles for your make over will depend on the look you wish to accomplish. You may wish to go back in time and have your room reflect a Victorian or even Edwardian style kitchen or bathroom. Or, you may prefer to try something lavish and modern using the latest shapes and colours creating something atypical.

Tiles can be purchased in many shapes, sizes, colours and designs from natural stone tiles to marble, slate, terracotta, porcelanosa, travertine and ceramic. Depending on your taste will depend on the feel and look of the tile. It can be smooth and shiny, matt, or grainy and bumpy. The choice is all down to the individual and can reflect your personality or simply envelop the tactility of the room.

If smooth or bumpy, modern or traditional is not for you then consider a mosaic effect. Available as small squares you can fit together or larger rectangles and squares with mosaic characteristics you can configure an arrangement to best suit your taste.

Laying floor and wall tiles takes a mixture of knowledge, patience and endurance. If you are keen to accomplish the work yourself then using the correct utensils and having the right guidance will see the end result as the magnificent idea you first had when the room was merely a blank slate – the metaphorical tabula rasa. Perhaps DIY is not for you, in which case there are many decorators for which laying tile is their niche. Always research companies thoroughly before settling.

Floor tiles look delightful and if in a bathroom can be warmed through by underfloor heating. If this is too expensive an option then a fluffy bath mat will always do the trick. Floor tiles are easily swept and mopped in a short space of time and last an age. Wall tiles are also easily maintained and require a wipe over with a damp cloth once each week. Whichever tiles you choose you can design your blank canvas to suit your style, ideals and personality.