April 24, 2024


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Corian Solid Surfaces in Modern Interior Design

Corian Solid Surfaces | Modern Nova

The level of luxury in a house largely depends on the finishing materials used in its interior design. However, creating a bathroom of excellence is not always associated with high costs. Fitting it with the Corian material is an elegant implementation of the modern bathroom idea, which combines style, comfort, and functionality. Due to the exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, this material will delight you with its aesthetically pleasing look even after many years of service. By incorporating Corian into your bathroom design, you can add a unique touch to its interior and create a really special place that oozes a cozy atmosphere.

Unique Features of the Corian Material

Corian is a unique material — durable, beautiful, and diverse. Unlike with other types of acrylic material, you can get it in a wide variety of shapes, following a specific designer approach.

Corian® solid surface is a branded product of the DuPont™ chemical company. The company has been engaged in the production and adoption of high-tech materials around the world since 1963. In the modern interiors of residential and commercial real estate, Corian is used to deliver classy vanity tops, sinks, bathtubs, shower trays, countertops, window sills, bar counters, and other surfaces incorporated into:

  • bathrooms
  • kitchens
  • cafes and restaurants
  • housekeeping areas, etc.

Bathtubs and other products made from Corian look elegant and expensive. This material has the best properties of marble and granite while being less costly. Its formula is based on natural mineral components (bauxite) and non-toxic binding elements (acrylic polymer). Thanks to the properties acquired, the material

  • has a dense non-porous structure;
  • boasts high strength and wear resistance;
  • shows great environmental performance;
  • features antibacterial effects;
  • avoids deformation at temperature extremes;
  • resists chemical and ultraviolet exposure;
  • comes in a rich color palette;
  • requires no special care;
  • demonstrates high reparability.

DuPont’s technologists have done a great job to ensure that their material is truly resistant to mechanical impacts and does not lose its beautiful look due to tear and wear. 

No Seams and Spots: Corian Solid Surface

Corian is widely used by professional designers who appreciate the properties and advantages of this original solid surface material, which also allows for “seamless” solutions in designing various interiors and surfaces. No matter how complex a design is, it can be crafted with no joints visible, as special adhesives are used to hide the transition between separate details. And since Corian is a non-porous material, it doesn’t allow grease and liquids to penetrate its structure, thus leaving the surface really spotless. These outstanding features make it a perfect choice not only for residential and commercial projects but also for more demanding applications, such as the interior design of healthcare establishments (dental rooms, plastic surgery centers, etc.). The waterproof properties of the material only expand the scope of its use.

Thanks to the high formability of Corian, it is possible to create any interior detail in the desired shape: rectangular, oval, concave, etc. On top of it, the unique technology of Corian’s color production allows providing customers with the most extensive and diverse color palette while maintaining 100% consistency of the material color and structure.