December 6, 2023


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Caterer Logos – Ideas on Logo Design for Catering Businesses

All businesses these days can benefit from having a well designed logo to visually represent their brand in the market. A great logo design can help shape positive first impressions of a business. It also gives customers something to associate with your services as they get to know your company better and experience the quality that you offer.

In this article we look at catering logos and some of the points that caterers should consider as they proceed to order a customized design.

Common Images on Caterers Logos

Logos can be text only or they can incorporate text with some kind of picture, symbol or graphic. To find out what kind of images other catering businesses have used on their logos you can do a Google image search for ‘catering logos’ and view a variety of industry examples.

The name of your catering business could open some interesting opportunities for design ideas or alternatively it could limit your options.

One school of thought is to use images that people will easily associate with the business in question. For caterers this would mean using images of food, cutlery, serving trays or serving staff to name just a few common choices. Wine glasses, candle sticks, chefs hats, herbs and other common ingredients have also been popular on catering logos. Catering companies that target specific niches such as ‘wedding catering’ could also consider imagery that is a good match with the kind of people or events that they cater to.

On the other hand though, these kinds of images can be a little ‘stale’ and may not allow your logo to really stand out from the competition. An image that is less obvious could prove to be more effective in helping your catering service to stand out.

You should also avoid a logo that will limit your future growth if you feel that your business may evolve into something quite different at a later date.

Sometimes a logo that is a little more abstract can be more flexible and effective. Try thinking of some words that describe your catering service such as ‘quality’, ‘fun’, ‘freshness’, ‘organic’ or ‘reliable’. You could then think of some images that reflect one or more of these themes.

Color Choice

Color choice is important as the use of certain colors can convey certain emotions. A good designer will limit the use of color to a variety of only two or three. Colors like navy blue and black look good on a catering logo and stand out clearly against a white background. Depending on your niche you may also want to see some more colorful design concepts.

Font Style

Font style can have a huge impact on the overall appearance of a logo and some thought should be given to the niche and prospective clients before a decision is made. You may decide to go for a script that resembles fine hand writing and pushes forward the image of quality and elegance. Something a little more decorative and playful may also work well with the right crowd.

Communicating with your Designer

To get a custom logo design for your catering company you will have to fill out a design briefing for the designers who will be doing your logo. Give them as much information as possible regarding the kind of events that you cater to, the style of cuisine that you prepare and anything else that makes your service unique.

Give your designer an idea of what you are looking for by referring to other logos in the food and hospitality industry. Let them know who your direct competitors are so that they don’t come up with designs that resemble those of your competition too closely.

A Variety of Uses

Give some thought to the wide variety of places where you will need to have your logo printed and displayed. These demands could influence the design, shape or color choice. You will undoubtedly want your logo displayed on your website, on business cards and maybe on your signage and vehicles. You may also want your logo on your menus and on the uniforms of your serving staff.

A great deal of goodwill and trust will be built up in a caterers logo over the years. Having to change a logo at a later date is an expensive task and it can lead to customer confusion. For these reasons it is crucial that you put time into getting the right logo for your catering business first time around. View this task as a high priority when it comes to budgeting for your marketing costs.