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Buy a home in one of Quebec’s best neighborhoods

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Quebec is the largest province in Canada and is a great place to settle down if you love culture, history, and beautiful scenery. 

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What are the best neighborhoods in Quebec to buy a house in?

There are many great neighborhoods in Quebec, all offering something unique that makes them stand apart from the rest. In this article, we have classed the neighborhoods into two categories:

  1. The best neighborhoods for young professionals or singles
  2. Family-friendly neighborhoods

Let’s take a closer look at which neighborhoods are rated as the best in Quebec.

The best neighborhoods for young professionals or singles

#1: Limoilou

This is a hub for young professionals and singles that enjoy a night out on the town, eating gourmet meals, and socializing with friends. It is heavily populated because of its popularity. There are many fun activities to do in Limoilou, like hiking, visiting Butterfly house, skiing and snowboarding, and ice skating in the park in winter. Property prices are relatively affordable, and residents can keep costs down by sharing homes or apartments.

#2: Nouveau Saint-Roch

Located in the heart of downtown Quebec, residents can enjoy trendy boutiques and restaurants and have some downtime in one of the many commercial outlets such as pubs, bars, nightclubs, and more. It is not as affordable as Limoilou but is great for the single life.

#3: Saint-Jean-Baptiste

While the name might be old-fashioned, this neighborhood is anything but old. Known as the bohemian neighborhood of Quebec, it features colorful houses, shops, and bistros. It is a creative hub for artists to explore and enjoy live music, poetry readings, and shopping for locally created handmade items. Property prices are average and affordable.

The best family-friendly neighborhoods

#1 Cap-Rouge

Scattered with several parks and historical buildings to explore and enjoy, Cap-Rouge is great for families. It is close to the best schools in Quebec, offering parents a wide choice of educational institutions to choose from. Take the kids and dogs to the park and enjoy the fresh Canadian mountain air. Property prices are affordable, and it is a wonderful place to start a family.

#2: Old Town

We know Old Town for its history, great restaurants, and culinary heritage. Home to many chefs, there are several wonderful cafes and bistros to enjoy family brunch on a Saturday morning. Visit the park or take a stroll and enjoy the history that is everywhere in Old Town. Property prices here are slightly higher than most because of the historical heritage of the neighborhood. 

#3: Sillery

Sillery is the best neighborhood for families, in our opinion. It is upper class and has unique urban landscapes. Near the city center, there is a wide choice of schools, parks, restaurants, and grocery stores to choose from. It is also on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, which is a beautiful place to take the kids on weekends for fresh air and family time.