May 22, 2024


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Bugs in My Pool and How to Keep Them Out

A Watery Grave for Insects: How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

A pool is a great way to have you, your family, and some friends to have some fun. It should be a safe place for everyone. But how can you enjoy your pool if you see unwanted guests swimming and floating around?

Bugs, insects, flies, spiders, and even frogs are common animals that can be found in your pool. Many have not observed this, but if you look closely, there are dozens of dead insects that probably landed there and drowned. Sometimes, they like to stay there to drink and cool down, too! The question is, how can you keep them away? Here are some tips or better yet, try pool renovation to fix the entire pool area.

Bugs and other insects tell your pool’s health

If you find an irregular number of insects in your pool, that probably means that you are doing something wrong or perhaps, you are not doing something about the health of your pool. Keeping your pool and its surroundings clean and maintained can substantially minimize the occurrence of insects in your pool.

Proper maintenance of your lawn is the key. Overgrown grass and ferns can attract insects to live and breed. Without having to clean, cut, and spray your plants with organic insect solution or insecticide, insects, bugs, and mosquitos can thrive.

Here are some of the pool care tips you can do to keep your pool’s health upright.

1. Trim your grass – it is common to have grass on your lawn where your pool is located. However, you must understand that proper trimming and maintenance are required for the grass not to overgrow. Grass trimming should be easy with a lawnmower.

2. Bug mist equipment – bug misting equipment is ideal to keep bugs and insects out. It sprays a non-toxic solution for humans and should keep the bugs away from your pool.

3. Pool cover – you can have an automatic pool covering system or you can cover it with a thick UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl. If you are planning on going on a trip during the long weekend, you should probably cover your pool. Unused and idle water is a perfect place for mosquitos and insects to breed. Covering the pool protects it from pests.

4. Cleaning and getting rid of idle water – pails or empty paint cans with idle water can attract mosquitoes and flies. It is where they drink and breed. If you have a storage room nearby your pool, you should consider cleaning it and make sure to empty and close canisters and storage with water.

5. Scents – Lavender, peppermint, and citronella are the best essential oils that keep bugs away. If you set an oil diffuser around the pool, it will lessen the mosquitos and insects from your pool.

6. Check your chlorine level – the best way to keep bugs and insects out is to set the correct chlorine level. Insects and bugs cannot tolerate chlorine when set at the right level. Make sure to keep it at the right level!

Remember, unwanted guests are persistent. If you do not take good care of your pool, insects and other pests can visit you. If things get worse, call an expert.

If you just move to a new place and cannot manage to fix issues in your pool area, you might want to consider pool renovation. This covers not only the swimming pool but also the entire pool area. Pool renovation can revamp the design, functionality, and overall use of your favorite area in your home.