May 30, 2024


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Best Arm Tattoo Designs – Top 3 Tattoo Design Ideas For Your Bicep

Finding the best arm tattoo designs can be a challenge. But there certainly is nothing quite like having that killer tattoo on your bicep to show your personal style and individual taste. Over time, tattoo art has evolved into many areas of taste and design. Here are the top 3 design ideas for your bicep or arm:

1. Celtic Arm Tattoo – Stemming from the ancient celtic times, these drawings use hard corners and block shapes to create an abstract, yet bold design. You can create many different variations to show what suites your personality. From including sharper corners, more color combinations, and a wider band shape, celtic arm tattoo designs can really draw attention to your upper body.

2. Flag Arm Tattoo – An extremely popular option with Military personnel, especially in early 2001 and 2002. Getting this kind of art is a true symbol of your personal views and tastes. There are some really creative things you can do here, including adding in birds and other animals with the flag drawing.

3. Tribal Arm Tattoo – Tribal drawings have started to really take off in recent years. The flexibility of what to put here is almost endless. Using straight, bold lines and sharp angles, almost any image can be created by a good artist or parlor.

Importantly, even though these base ideas are widely popular does not mean you can not find an individual approach to getting your own ink. A tattoo is a very personal decision, and your taste and personality should come through in the finished product.