June 18, 2024


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Always Keep Doors and Windows Closed and Locked

By: Kevin Jaako

Open doors and windows are open invitations for burglars to help themselves to the contents of your home. Doors and windows should be closed and securely locked at all times, both when you’re away from home and when you’re present. Professional thieves know how to spot weak locks and won’t hesitate to force their way through a flimsy one. Take a thorough look at your current window locks; upgrade them to more secure models if necessary. If your home has sliding doors, make sure they’re equipped with vertical bolts and a sturdy rod to block the operating track. This prevents both forced opening and lifting the door off its track. Always lock up your home when you leave, regardless of the potential brevity of your absence. Remain vigilant even if it’s raining; burglars don’t take the day off just because it’s damp!

The door between your garage and the rest of your home is a potential weak spot which is often overlooked by property owners. You can’t rely on your garage door for comprehensive security; the inner door needs to be as robust as your front door.

* Make a Lock Change Part of Your Move-In Process

If you’re renting your new home, ask your landlord to have the locks changed if he or she hasn’t yet done so. It’s impossible to be sure that every copy of every key was turned in by the last tenant; copies may have gone astray at any point during their tenancy. You don’t want any stranger to have the ability to walk into your home at will, so it pays to take extra precautions when you move into a new home.

* Use a Lockbox Or Home Safe to Protect Your Valuables

Whenever possible, mount your safe securely by bolting it to the floor. Ambitious burglars may otherwise remove your valuables by taking the entire safe! The combination or code to your safe should be shared only with a loved one you trust completely. Do not leave your safe combination posted or hidden anywhere in your home.

* Don’t Label Your Keys Or Hide Spare Keys In Vulnerable Locations

Labelled keys are ultimately more of a threat than a convenience. If they are lost or stolen, they can cause significantly more trouble than unmarked keys. Thieves are well aware of all the common dodges property owners use to hide spare keys outside their homes; you cannot rely on fake rocks or inaccessible spots (e.g. over the door frame) to keep your keys safe. Instead, leave spare keys with a neighbour you trust or invest in a Securikey safe for your keys. For rural properties where you have no nearby neighbours, store spare keys in a discreetly-located lockbox protected by a secure combination.

* Invest In a Home Security System

Modern security systems come with a huge range of optional features, including outdoor motion detectors, exterior door and window sensors, loud audio alarms, security cameras, and more. Consider your choices carefully and prioritise the features the best match your situation and your security concerns. Purchase your security system from a reputable company with a strongly positive reputation. After it’s installed, your security system needs to become an integrated part of your daily habits. Nothing could be more disheartening than leaving your home vulnerable to burglars because you were overwhelmed with the minor hassle of arming your security system every time you leave the house.

Make sure every member of your family understands the operation of the security system; this will cut down on annoying and potentially-costly false alarms. Even more important than avoiding pricey fines is avoiding the ‘boy who cried wolf’ effect. You don’t want to train your neighbours to ignore your alarm by letting it go off pointlessly!

* Strengthen Your Windows With Bars Or Safety Glass

Bear in mind that burglars often prioritize speed when entering a home. The quickest entry route is often to break a window. You can preclude this possibility by installing metal bars and or safety glass. These security features need not be eyesores; you’ll find plenty of products available that strike a good balance between extra security and a pleasant appearance.