April 21, 2024


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8 ways to match your custom-made armchair to your interior

We are all dreaming about our dream home. But the reality is that facing the choice of furniture at home, it can be very complicated to get a specific style that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Moreover, it is a challenge to choose furniture that matches the interior of your whole room. A custom-made armchair is our focus today and we’re going to look on possibilities where we can match these chairs to the design and style of the rest of the room. Decorating a new house and placing furniture are very laborious step. Therefore, I believe that you should be provided with the following tips to achieve your dream house.  

Here are the 8 ways to match your custom-made armchairs to your interior:

  1. Use two shades of palette

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If you don’t want to touch the different shapes and styles of chairs in the living room, you can use any color combination within the adjustment range. The flexible modular custom-made armchair allows you to combine colors, patterns and textures in the same seating arrangement. For instance is the effect of gray scheme sprinkled with yellow and infused with a vibrant modern rhythm, and its simplicity highlights the architectural details. With this kind of color combination, it doesn’t touch your interior, instead it adds spice and surprise in it. 

  1. Mix and match custom-made armchairs with other chairs

You can combine various chairs that are similar in style with your custom-made armchair. Another additional two modern chairs along with your armchair keeps the appearance organized, and improves the overall appearance and enhances the look of your interior. However, check whether the existing chair can be covered with a fabric just in case you want to change the theme of your interior. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reuse the chairs. 

  1. Put your custom-made armchair in the right placement

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The way the furniture is placed will affect the morning appearance or beauty of the room. You can balance the decorative style by arranging your custom-made armchair symmetrically. Put it on the right position instead of looking random or inappropriate. This is a certain degree of organization and formality. 

  1. Add accessories 

In order to make your interior full of traditional furniture and modern atmosphere, introduce some modern accessories to your custom-made armchair. You can use large contemporary floor carpet or modern lamps or don’t forget adding cushions to breathe new life into the entire room. 

  1. Think of the size

The custom-made armchair may be too small for space. Larger rooms will require more furniture more of the right size, or may be similar to furniture you already own. When you move to a larger house, you need to consider the size of your room and the size of your custom-made armchair. You need to choose and pick the right size of your chair that will complement and suit the size of your room as well, do not go for too large armchairs especially when you have a small space only. 

  1. Two to three armchairs is enough

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I understand that you are attracted and fascinated with your new custom-made armchairs, but I tell you that there is no need to purchase or create many armchairs. Designers suggest having two to three armchairs in a living room or one armchair in a bed room. We don’t want our space to look exaggerated. 

  1. Avoid the wall

Many people tend to place furniture, including armchairs, on the wall automatically. If the room is small, bring a small armchair. If the room is large, you need to bring two armchairs. The goal is to create an intimate space where people can gather together while maintaining fluidity. The living room, for example, can have a table and chairs in the center of the room, and you can place another chair that is far from the window, giving people a kind, warm and inclusive feeling. 

  1. Work that right Fabric

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Aside from color combination, the right textile and texture of your custom-made armchair plays a big role in decorating and designing your interior. For example, if you are achieving the classy and luxurious look for your room, then use velvet fabric for your armchair. If you are choosing minimalistic style, then you can go with some simple yet durable fabrics such as polyester and cotton blends. 

If you want to continue your venture in choosing the right custom-made armchair that won’t compromise your interior, then go and look for some designs available at Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They are much willing to serve you in your quest of the right furniture perfect for your entire house.