July 22, 2024


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8 The Best Summer Destinations In Europe, Beautiful Spiring Eyes

Europe is one of the continents that is very popular as a tourist spot. This is certainly because there are many things that can be witnessed, ranging from the beauty of nature, buildings, it means the summer house, and the most prominent are the 4 seasons it has. One of the popular seasons there is summer, for those of you who want a summer tour in Europe, here are 8 recommended summer destinations.

1. Rhode, Greece

Rhode, Greece is one of the most popular cities as a summer tourist destination in Europe. This place is also a place that is very popular with its nightlife or tours on its beautiful beaches. Apart from that the food in this place is also very unique and delicious so don’t miss it. Make sure you visit areas outside the city because there are so many that can be explored there.

While there, you can travel on foot, use a bicycle or you can also use a scooter. Remember, besides the beach, nightlife and food, Rhode, Greece is a city that has a beautiful culture. So you will definitely be very satisfied if you travel to this summer destination in Europe.

2. Interlaken, Switzerland

Apart from Greece, one of the popular summer destinations for summer tourism is Interlaken in Switzerland. This place is a very suitable place for tourism for those of you who like challenges in sports. This is because the main beauty possessed by Interlaken is from nature. In the beautiful nature that is owned by Interlaken you can do many sports activities which will certainly make you feel your vacation is very memorable. Some of these activities include jumping from an airplane, climbing canyons, kayaks, hangs, gliding or can also just enjoy the beauty of the mountains there.

3. Ghent, Belgium

Next the best summer destination in Europe that you can use as a tourist spot is Ghent. Ghent is not very popular as a tourist city in Indonesia but it turns out this place is one of the places that offers the best summer vacation in Europe. Because it is not so visible in the world of tourism, Ghent, Belgium is even often referred to as a hidden treasure.

The main beauty of Ghent is from the building it has and the culture there. In addition, at night you can also enjoy the beautiful nightlife in this city. This is what causes this place to become one of the recommended places for your summer tour.

4. London, England

Who does not want to come to England? For those of you who are taking a holiday for the first time, the UK can be one of the summer destinations for a very interesting recommendation. This city is a city that offers its own city beauty. Somehow this city is a city that is very popular as a tourist spot. Maybe because of the culture it has and the many interesting things there.

For those of you who like traveling, make sure you visit this city once in your lifetime. The beauty of the city and also because of other interesting things make Britain even called the capital of the continent of Europe unofficially. This is because this place is a truly classic place and has everything you need starting from its natural beauty, tourism activities that can be done and also an interesting tourist experience.

5. Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Next summer destination you can visit is Rotterdam from the Netherlands. Rotterdam is a city that is popular with the beauty of art, architecture and lifestyle. This city is one of the cities that will give you joy when spending your summer vacation here. For those of you who plan to come here, you can enjoy the beauty of Rotterdam even at night. At nightfall, Rotterdam has a very beautiful display and some even say it as an open gallery.

6. Amsterdam

The next summer destination from the Netherlands is Amsterdam. This city is a city that is not less classic than the city of England. Here there are many things you can enjoy, starting from the culture, lifestyle and also the party and the nightlife. For those of you who like history, this place is the best place for you. This is because here you can enjoy many interesting museums. In addition, Amsterdam also offers some interesting sports culture.

7. Lisbon

Lisbon is a city that has charisma as a tourist spot. It would be very nice for you to spend your vacation time in this city in the summer. The beauty offered by Lisbon starts from the beauty of its beaches, culture and also its food. The food offered by this city is not only good food but also extremely cheap. This can make Lisbon one of the best summer destinations for your family vacation.

8. Porto

This city is also one of the recommended tourist destinations to spend your summer vacation. Porto is a city that has a beautiful culture. If in Lisbon the price of food is already cheap, then you can get even cheaper prices when traveling in Porto.

In addition, many inexpensive summer destinations can be visited as well as other tourist activities such as enjoying the beaches it has. One more thing, Porto is one of the tourist attractions that are suitable for day trips so you can do tours from Lisbon directly to Porto and get a very pleasant time.