July 24, 2024


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7 Ways Built-in Blinds Level Up Your Home Windows


Pella Windows with Built-In Blinds

Ready for new windows that provide a major improvement to your home lifestyle? Think beyond glass and frame styles, because today’s windows come with some pretty amazing features — including built-in blinds. And while not having to dust them is an obvious plus, there are a lot of additional cool benefits to investing in built-in blinds when you upgrade your windows.

Here’s a closer look at why homeowners are choosing this option for their window replacements more and more.

Top 7 Reasons You’ll Love Built-in Blinds 

1. No More Complicated Cleaning Rituals 

Let’s face it — cleaning a set of traditional blinds is not an easy task. They gather a lot of dust, and it’s difficult to truly clean all the many moving parts. Plus, the strings used to hang the elements together get dirty and are impossible to keep pristine. As a result, blinds end up looking old fast.

Not so with built-in blinds. Set between panes of glass, they are protected from exposure to everyday dust and grime. You won’t have to labor to wash them because they are so simple to care for.

2. An End to Broken, Tangled Cords

Another challenge with blinds is how difficult it can be to keep them operational. The strings and twist handles they come with can easily break or stop working. And these cords can also be a safety risk if you have small children or pets around.

With built-in blinds, you eliminate all these concerns. With Pella windows, built-in blinds are not only beautiful but easy to work.

3. Effective in Many Types of Windows  

If you’re looking for a window treatment that adapts well to different areas of your home — and to different window styles — look no further than between-the-pane blinds. They’re an effective, attractive option for sliders and double-hung replacement windows, which are perfect for bedrooms. 

But what’s even better is that integrated blinds and shades are ideal ways to dress windows that are custom in size and shape. Pella’s built-in blinds work well for windows that would otherwise be hard for traditional blinds, such as bays, bows, and sliding glass doors. 

4. Easy to Get a New Style or Look  

Getting a new set of traditional blinds can be a hassle. Either you have to choose the cookie-cutter options, or if you want a custom fit, they must be precisely measured and prepped to fit your windows.

Here’s good news — built-in blinds are actually much more convenient to upgrade than you might think. Pella specifically designs all its between-the-glass products to be interchangeable with a simple snap-in technology that’s easy for our team to work with. So if you want to change colors, switch blinds for shades, or use grilles instead, Pella makes that a breeze. 

(The key, of course, is to invest in Pella windows to begin with, so upgrading in-glass elements is simple.)

5. Lasting Beauty and Performance 

If you’re wondering whether built-in blinds will match your interior décor, don’t worry. With Pella windows, between-the-glass features like blinds come in a range of colors chosen to blend well with common interior design styles. 

And because they’re protected within the glass, these between-the-glass blinds are more durable than traditional window treatments. Since they’re not exposed to dust, dirt and everyday elements, they retain their attractive appearance.

Plus, in the unlikely event that something in your integrated blinds needs adjusting, Pella designs them to be easily accessible by our team so you never have to stress about repairs.

6. Better for Those with Allergies 

If someone in your family suffers from allergies, built-in blinds are an excellent choice. Protected inside panes of glass, they won’t gather dust, pollen, and pet dander in the places where you live, work, and play.

7. Available with Smart Home Integrations 

Old-fashioned blinds (shades and window curtains too) are truly old-school, requiring you to operate them manually. But if you have smart home features, built-in blinds by Pella are super easy to integrate.

With Pella’s exclusive Insynctive technology, your built-in blinds will be motorized so you can operate them with a remote control or an app anytime, from anywhere. 

Beautiful Pella Windows Are Perfect for Your Michigan Home   

Beautify your home and make it brighter and more livable with gorgeous new Pella windows.  As a Pella Platinum Preferred Contractor, our team is specifically trained to handle and install these top-performing windows so you get gorgeous results you’ll be proud of.

Discover the benefits of having our team install lasting, attractive Pella windows in your Michigan area home.


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