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7 Shed Design Ideas ~ Fresh Design Blog


Having a shed immediately creates extra space for literally anything. There are so many purposes to a shed! What sheds look like has drastically changed over the years, and they are no longer unsightly, timber box-shaped houses in your backyard. 

Shed designs have become part of the overall aesthetic and style of a home, with shed builders bringing these ideas to life. Here are seven shed design ideas to consider for different needs. 

A garden shed can be very versatile and serve many needs
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1. Storage Sheds

One of the most common sheds to have is the storage shed. Normally in the backyard, the storage shed is literally what the name suggests. It’s to store anything and, in most cases, everything you need it to. 

They are usually not very big and can be described as outdoor cupboards. They can have shelves to store smaller things and plenty of floor space to store the larger things. 

2. Tool Sheds 

The tool shed is a common design style for those who do DIY projects as well as those who make or fix things for a living. 

It is usually medium in size as it needs to have enough space for storage space such as shelves and cabinets and floor space to store larger tools. It can also include a working space like a desk or counter if the size permits. However, it is mainly a place to store tools and equipment. 

Garden shed interior
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3. Garden Sheds

One of the more common shed designs is the garden shed. Made to house gardening equipment, pesticides, herbicides, soils as well as tools. It is essentially a mix of a tool and storage shed. It requires sufficient storage space, workspace as well as space for comfortability. 

The size of the shed is dependent on the size of the garden. If you do not have planting space in your backyard, you can even opt for a unique garden shed made of glass. Glass sheds, also known as greenhouses, will house your plants as well as provide storage and workspace. A beautiful addition to any backyard space.

4. Studio Sheds 

The studio shed is the most versatile design and has become increasingly popular. It can be used for anything. It can be a spare room or mini apartment for staying guests. A hobby room to practice your favourite pastime, whether it be music or art. It can even be a personal gym. 

The studio shed is the shed that everyone wants. This design for a shed is not only creating extra space, but it is allowing you to separate your home from your leisure activities so much easier.

Painting your shed - inside and out - can transform it from a scruffy wooden building to a stylish outdoor pad
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5. Work Sheds 

The work shed, much like the tool shed, is the place to store tools but is primarily used to work. A work shed should always be designed to have sufficient space for a workstation as well as space to move around comfortably. 

These can be specifically designed for mechanics and are usually made big enough to fit a vehicle or a number of vehicles. This can also be called a garage. There are so many ways to elevate the design of this shed. People often opt for a metal exterior with sleek tiled floors and have it beautifully lit to showcase the vehicles. 

There is no limit to the workshed as it is very much dependent on its space and purpose. 

6. Garden Office 

The garden office has become increasingly popular since many people have had to start working from home. It is the perfect way to separate your home life from your work life. 

If you are working from home, need to bring work home or simply need a study area. The backyard office is the right design for you. There is nothing worse than having to deal with all of the noise of the people in your house, the television or music playing while having to focus and get work done. 

All of these can be avoided by designing a comfortable, work positive backyard office shed. Furnish it with a desk, a bookshelf and a couch, and you will be finding all of the excuses to be working. 

7.  Playhouse 

Transform your shed into a children's playroom
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A playhouse is one of the best ways to keep the children entertained in a space made just for them. It can be transformed into a princess castle for little girls or spy headquarters for little boys. These are usually made of wood and are the perfect solution to keeping their messes out of the home. 


Shed builders are capable of creating a space specific to you with a range of materials that will suit you and your home. With people always looking for ways to create extra space, sheds are becoming increasingly popular. 



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