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30 Best Shed Ideas 2022 For Your Inspiration


Is your next outdoor project to give your storage shed a new look? Let’s face it: a storage shed in the backyard doesn’t really scream “aesthetic.” 

If you’re looking to give your storage shed a makeover, this one is for you! In this article, I’ve put together 30 fabulous storage shed ideas to give you inspiration for your own backyard!

Pleasant Pastels

Small but pleasant pastel color designed garden tool shed

To start off my bumper collection of the best garden shed ideas, this beautiful outdoor shed brings color to any space. Pastel colors are a stunning but subtle way to brighten up your garden and you can put them on any surface of the shed – roofs, walls, window panes, doors and more!

This is also a way to highlight your own taste. You can use any colors that suit your fancy and add as many or as little as you please! Always wanted a green roof? This is your chance!

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Green, Glorious Green!

Glorious green garden shed with wall-mounted flowers and beautiful finishing touch

Speaking of green, why not go the whole hog with a gorgeous garden shed that nods to the nature around it? This may be a shed, but it looks more like a tiny house that doubles as your getaway from the hustle and bustle of life!

Adding in a pop of color with wall-mounted flowers is a beautiful finishing touch, but why stop there? Add embellishments to the shed that match the flowers – from roof tiling to wooden hearts and beyond!

Garden Shed, Meet Log Cabin

Backyard with garden bed and small shed with stack of wood

If your outdoor space is only big enough for a shed but you’re wanting to use it for more than that, look no further! This garden shed design looks more like a vacation spot, complete with piled wood for those chilly winter nights.

Let’s take a trip down imagination lane. You’ve been dying for an indoor fireplace, but your house doesn’t have the available space for it or all of the fire-ready wood that will crackle the evenings away. Enter to the stage: the log cabin of garden sheds! You can pop some comfy couches and the fireplace in here, giving you a miniature home away from home. 

Plastic Fantastic Garden Tool Shed

Fantastic garden tool shed accessible in a suburban public park

Keeping your veggie gardens fresh and maintained requires the tools of the trade, and convenience is always a bonus. This storage shed is lightweight, so you can take it to wherever your garden needs it and have your garden tools at hand in a flash!

Having a plastic garden shed also means less upkeep, giving you more time to rest and recuperate in the beautiful greens of your garden. 

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Wooden Wonderland

A wooden wonderland gardening set-up in a typical back yard

This rustic shed blends into its surroundings in a similar shade of brown to the planting beds and fencing. It creates a sense of consistency and puts the focus on your gorgeous garden!

The simplicity definitely doesn’t make it boring though. You can add subtle decorations to the walls and window panes to spice things up without it being overwhelming.

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A Tiny House With Big Style

A tiny house with stylish design and has all of the comforts of home

In case you missed it, garden sheds can go way beyond just being storage space. This shed idea adds a touch of home to it by including a couple of steps to the miniature porch, some garden furniture and curtains to the peeping windows.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice how you want to use your garden shed – your kingdom, your rules! So why not consider making it into a reading spot or a guest room? The sky is the limit!

Morning Coffee With A View

Perfect morning coffee with a view on a small wooden holiday home in summer

Are you the type of person who loves having your morning coffee in the fresh air and sunshine? This is one of the shed ideas that may be exactly what you’re looking for! You can pop some chairs and a small table on the porch of your cabin-style garden shed to create the perfect restful start to your day

With just the right amount of coverage to shield you from getting sunburnt while keeping you warm and toasty in the morning, this shed idea is a firm favorite! 

The Cornerstone Of Your Garden

Corner stone garden shed design with bird house

If you have a garden with corners, you’ll know how satisfying it is to have a shed that fits perfectly into them. This garden shed design works beautifully for the corner spot because its porch and door are easily accessible. Whether you use the shed for garden tools or storage space for your kid’s toys, this cornerstone will help you reach all of your supplies in a heartbeat!

This type of shed is so easy to decorate! Just hang up some pretty potted plants and a bird house and you’re good to go!

A Garden Getaway

Wooden garden shed house with seedlings and flowers beds In sunny spring summer day.

Do you cherish spots in your home that give you peace and quiet? This gorgeous garden shed gives you your own personal retreat! The bamboo walls and green roof will have you thinking less about how to organize your garden tools and more about the serene surroundings.

Imagine sitting in this spot with your drink of choice as the sun rises or sets. That’s the kind of lifestyle we all deserve!

Farm Style Flexibility

Farm style wooden garden shed with barn like storage space

This garden shed idea looks like a barn and comes with the same storage space! You can use it for storing your garden tools, potting soil, lawnmower and the list goes on. The metal roof also makes it durable and you won’t have to stress about leaks when the clouds open up. 

Playground Paradise

Wooden playhouse with a hill and stairs and a swing for resting children

Maybe the garden shed isn’t for the adults in your home, but rather for the kids. This small shed idea takes up minimal space, but it gives your children the best spot to have their own clubhouse that they can just slide right out of! This is a great alternative if your kids are desperate for a treehouse but you don’t have the right tree.

As all parents know, it’s often a good idea to supervise their shenanigans. The swing bench to the side is the perfect addition for you to comfortably watch on as they have the time of their lives!

P.S. If you’re buying a new shed, remember that you could get into trouble with local authorities if it’s too large and you don’t have a permit. Check out this article for more information on what size shed you can have without needing a permit!

Decoration Station 

Garden storage shed space with beautiful decorations

This is one of the shed ideas that maximize storage space without skimping on decorations! The slanted roof is pleasing to the eye, with more decorations on the longer side than the shorter. 

Since the garden shed is quite long, you’ll be able to place a bench, table and loads of flowers along the side. Another great element is the garden lattice that you can use for creepers and vines!

Double Door Potting Shed

Small wooden double door potting shed exterior design

If your plants often need to be grown in pots before they’re transplanted into the garden, a potting shed could be just up your alley. This garden shed has large windows and a wide doorway to make moving in and out super easy! You can also organize some garden furniture just outside the potting shed so that you can take a seat and rest after the hard work. 

Top tip: Use light furniture in case you need to shift it out of the way in the process of transplanting your beloved greenery!

The Sunshine Shed

Sunshine garden shed with a cat on a sofa set

Yellow can represent so many things, from warmth to happiness and everything in between. Painting your garden shed yellow gives you your own source of sunshine whether the clouds cooperate or not!

With such a beautiful backyard garden shed, you may want to spend as much time looking at it as possible. You can pop some comfortable garden couches outside for you to relax and bask in the warmth! Since yellow is such a strong color, it may be a good idea to keep the furniture in neutral colors.

Surf’s Up!

Surf's Up ambience garden shed displaying coastal decors, and tropical illustrations

Calling all beach lovers! This small storage shed is the opportunity to display all of your coastal decor. Miniature surfboards, tropical illustrations and a blow-up pool fit this theme like a glove – turning your shed space into your own backyard beach. Bring all of your blue and green items to the party!

When the warm weather rolls around, you won’t need to fit for a spot on the sand. You can just head to your garden and let this cool environment do the rest! When it’s time to hit the waves, you can find all of your surfing supplies in this storage shed.

Rustic Retreat

Rustic retreat garden cabin design used as a holiday lodge

Do you love the outdoors and the aesthetic that wood brings? This is another one of the garden shed ideas that will pique your interest!

With a curved exterior, this rustic shed is fully paneled in wood – roof, walls, doors and all! It looks like it belongs in a forest where you can disconnect from digital life and discover the tranquility of nature. It has tons of shed space that you can fill with sofas or a bed and has just the one window, giving you all the privacy in the world.

Even though it could easily blend into the woods, you can bring this vibe straight to the suburbs or city by putting one in your garden. Wish you could go on a vacation out of the blue? Just camp out in your backyard!

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Short And Sweet Garden Shed

Short and sweet garden shed built for kids in the backyard as a toy house

If you need a potting shed but don’t have a lot of space, you can easily use this small garden shed design that incorporates windows for natural light and a low roof! Think of it as your plants’ kennel.

Inside the potting shed, you can place a single row of shelves to arrange your little buds in preparation for transplanting. Since the door is in the middle, you can wrap this shelf around all of the interior sides and use the shed space to the fullest

Workshop Of Wonders

A garden shed workshop with plants trained up the outside, with a man working inside

The artists and carpenters of the world need dedicated space to create their masterpieces. This garden shed is exactly that!

There’s plenty of shed space and room for you to easily walk from your workbench to your supplies. You can also have the door open for some fresh air as you think of your next steps, or close it for you to escape into your creativity mode. It’s your ultimate artistic destination!

Since we’re in the business of beautiful gardens, you can add creepers and trees along the outside walls of your garden shed too. Artists who are surrounded by beauty can create beauty! Mix it up with your own taste to add a personal touch, like sunflowers or fruit trees for a spontaneous and fresh snack.

Whimsical Garden Shed

Whimsical garden shed with a cobblestone sidewalk, purple door, window flower boxes, and wood board and batten siding

Fairies and storybook characters aren’t the only ones who can hang out in whimsical places! This backyard garden shed can be decorated with a hint of the eccentric and represent the colorful side of life.

A small shed can still pack a lot of power. All of the natural sunlight that flows in from the windows can turn this into a pleasant potting shed or a peaceful reading corner. The paving to the door makes it feel like a tiny house for your imagination to run wild! 

A Bright Pop Of Colour

Garden shed with a bright blue pop up color

If you don’t want to go full steam into painting the entire garden shed, you can also opt to paint one part of it in a cheerful color! The rest of the shed could be the natural color of its wood, but you can pick your favorite element that you want to enhance.

The rainbow is the limit in this case – choosing a single part to paint means that no color is too vivid and risks a sensory overload! The rest of the garden shed’s neutral palette will be muted. Keen to turn the window panes into a kaleidoscope or the roof into a field of gold? This is your sign to go for it!

Colour Schemes

Garden with gardening tools and colorful shed design with closed door

Deciding on a color scheme for the garden shed itself is awesome – but what if you took it one step further and had matching garden tools? In this example, our avid gardener has a green roof and door that matches the green ladder to the side, with similar shades of green in the overhanging foliage. 

You could take this idea in a million directions! If you love purple, you could have purple trimming on the garden shed to match your pots and lavender along the shed’s walls. This gives the garden a cohesive look that is embedded with your personal flavor!

A Shed With A View 

A garden shed with gardening tools, wooden shed and fruit tree

Your garden shed doesn’t need to be hidden out of sight, especially if you put a lot of effort into designing it. You can place your storage shed on a pedestal with a view over the rest of your garden!

This is one of the shed ideas that need some other garden elements to work. If you already have steps in your garden, you can pop your garden shed up there immediately. But if you don’t, no need to stress! You can build up the platforms as you work through the landscape design.

Minimalist Potting Design

Minimalist potting garden shed design

Minimalism can give any space a smooth and subtle vibe without too many frills. Considering how popular this approach is, it’s no wonder it has reached shed ideas too!

This garden shed is simple and sleek, but still stylish. The plain wood works perfectly with its surroundings and the windows will provide enough natural light to make this the perfect potting shed!

Living Storage Shed

Living garden storage shed surrounded by colorful potted plants and shrubs

Your garden shed will likely be the spot where you keep all the supplies that keep your garden alive and thriving. So why not surround the shed with the fruits of your labor?

This is one of our many shed ideas that highlight why we love our gardens. There are so many rich colors and beautiful shapes in your plants that make them the most stunning form of decoration! When you think of garden shed ideas, think of the garden!

Dusky And Delightful

Dusky and delightful landscaped backyard garden design with small wooden shed, fence and pathway

Soft browns are a soothing palette for landscape design and garden shed ideas. Plus, you can include them in almost every garden element! Your garden shed can be in a similar shade to your fencing, pathways and even plants.

This storage shed is beautiful in a subtle way, with horizontal wooden panels and a stable door. It gives you plenty of storage space without the look and feel of a warehouse!

Barns And Babes

An outdoor shed and childs playset on a freshly mown lawn.

This is one of the garden shed ideas that has something for every part of the family! The storage shed has ample room for any garden tools and supplies with double doors to let you wander in and out with ease.

The rich wood is a near match to the jungle gym next door. You’ll be able to go about your weekly gardening while your kids happily play nearby!

Bright And Beautiful

Bright and beautiful new garden shed with flower bed on backyard area

Some gardens have oodles of sunlight. If that’s the case for you, this garden shed might do just the trick!

A high roof and window will catch the light, while the white trimming and double door brighten up the space even more. This will give your storage shed a light and bright feel, even at night! Having low plants and loads of open space also contribute to this wide and inviting garden shed idea.

Baby Blue Storage Shed

New baby blue garden storage shed in beautiful garden

Just like the idea that we started with, this garden shed uses the subtle power of pastels! Baby blue is a gorgeous color for a shed and the warm roof tiles balance the cooler shades. 

To emphasize the shape of the doors and windows, white trimming is the finishing touch! But the other part of this idea that stands out is the light pebbles around the garden shed that add a lifting effect.

Straight To The Point

Gray color gardening tools storage shed on nature green background

Everyone has their own taste in shed designs and you might be looking for something that fulfills its purpose without too many bells and whistles. Well, here it is! This garden shed is simple and straight-edged with a neutral color palette. It’ll slot right into any spot and you’ll be able to get your tools or supplies without any fuss! 

Prefab Container Turned Garden Shed

Prefab small rustic container garden shed, and a woman with two small children seated on the step

Prefab containers have been taking the world by storm as people use them to make homes, storage areas and – you guessed it – garden sheds! They’re cost-effective and totally customizable, giving you the opportunity to personalize your shed without breaking the bank.

You’ll also be able to trust its durability since it’s made of metal. Just keep an eye out for rust!

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Ready To Revamp Your Storage Shed?

There you have it: 30 unique and wonderful storage shed ideas! Having an aesthetic storage shed is a great way to brighten up your backyard. I mean, no one wants a boring yard, right? With these ideas, you can take your storage shed from drab to fab in no time!

If you found these ideas helpful, please don’t forget to leave us a comment below or share this article with a friend!


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