May 30, 2024


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10 Reasons to Invest in Home Security

10 Reasons Home Security Is Worth the Investment | Vivint

However much the neighbourhood you live in is secure, every home needs additional home security.

In this article, I’ll give you 10 reasons why you need to invest in a home security system. Let’s have a look;

  1. Protect your home from theft

The number one reason why you probably never leave your door open is to prevent burglars from entering and stealing your valuable items.

To theft-proof your home, you should lock your doors and windows, invest in motion sensors, have strong durable phones and use double key deadbolts, under the types of security. 

  1. Protect your home from cyber theft

Home security goes beyond the physical aspect of it. Your home network and give malicious hackers access to valuable information.

Some of the security cyber tips to secure your home Wi-Fi network is; 

  • Use a VPN
  • Turn on your wireless network encryption
  • Use firewall
  • Use strong passwords
  • Update your Wi-Fi security software

The risk of losing your property from cyber theft is much greater than losing physical valuables.

In many cases, you can claim insurance after your home is broken into but unless you have personal cyber insurance you cannot be compensated.

  1. Reduce your home insurance premium 

The chances of damages occurring as a result of a lack of a home security system are higher than chances occurring when a home is secure. 

Insurance companies and all other financial help companies know this and that is why they place high premiums for homes that have fewer security features.

Financial help companies may issue personal loans to financial damages that may not be covered by insurance, but they often come at a higher rate. 

To save you some extra cost of home insurance, perhaps consider securing your home there’s nothing to lose from it. 

Having a secure home can save you up to 20% of home insurance. That is a huge monthly or yearly saving depending on your insurance payment period.

  1. Protect your home from squatters and intruders

In case you’re planning to stay away from home for a long period you might want to consider tightening your home security.

Dealing with squatters can be a whole different challenge on its own considering the process involved in the eviction of squatters.

Ensure your property is constantly secure by locking all entry points and if possible have 24 hours surveillance monitors.

  1. Protect your home from wild animals 

Now that all winter is near, beware that wild animals are notorious for seeking warmth in people’s homes.

Motion sensors, alarms, electric fences, surveillance cameras, installation of chimney caps, fences, among others are ways to protect your home from wild animals.

  1. Protection from fire 

Installing smoke detectors and testing them regularly will prevent your home from damages that may result from fire.

Smoke alarms are compulsory requirements for residential buildings in the UK as per the regulations of 2015. 

A fire that would have been prevented by having fire alarms may result in a loss for an insurance claim.  

  1. Protect your children 

I cannot comprehend the fatalities that may occur to your children when you go the other way. 

Home security systems make it safer for your children to play and

Having motion alerts on certain rooms, staircases, areas that are dangerous to your children may save you from ER. 

For a night out with your friends and leaving your children at home with their nanny, it is important that you at least have a video recording of what is happening at home.

Do not turn a deaf ear to the high rise in child abuse cases at home. 

  1. It makes it easier to provide evidence

As much as we’re not anticipating a situation where we will be forced to produce evidence of burglary or any sort of criminal offence that has been committed in a home, good home security systems will make it easier to collect evidence.

Insurance claims in many cases will also involve furnishing your insurance provider with evidence of damages.

It is better to be safe than sorry and that is why you must have a good home security system. 

  1. Increases home value 

One of the top features clients look for in real estate property is home security.

It is expensive living in a gated community, that is why many clients make a huge deal of home security features. 

If you are looking to sell your property in the future perhaps investing in good home security features will raise your property value.

  1. Peace of mind 

Finally, the anxiety of knowing that someone can easily break through your door is not something anybody looks forward to. 

You’ll be more settled to know that your home is safe and secure when you are away or at home with your family.