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Where should you site your new boiler?

Where should you site your new boiler?

Whether you are installing a new gas supply or replacing an existing boiler, choosing the most convenient spot to site your boiler, with safety in mind, is a major consideration.


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You may be looking to move a boiler to a hidden location, reduce noise, or change the aesthetics of your interior design. Getting expert advice is recommended and you can find an experienced gas engineer via the Gas Safe Register.


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There will be a number of potential sites for your boiler within the property; however, they are usually found in bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms. As the boiler will need access to a waste pipe, these rooms are the most appropriate. As all new boilers must be condensing, you will also need the location to be close to an outside wall to fit a discharge pipe to remove condensation.

Wherever your home is located, Grantham, Gillingham and Gloucester boiler service engineers such as http://www.hprservicesltd.com/gloucester-boilers/boiler-service-gloucester/ offer a wide range of services.

There are also specific measurements relating to the distance from doors and windows due to flue requirements. Your engineer will advise on these depending on the model of boiler you are fitting. Moving your boiler rather than replacing it in situ will mean extra pipework, which will add to the cost, and may involve taking up floorboards, so be prepared for added disruption whilst the work is being carried out.

Loft and garage

Although a modern boiler operates with reduced noise, placing it within an existing cupboard or having a new one fitted will ensure the noise levels are reduced whilst the boiler is in operation. When moving a boiler, always remember to install a carbon monoxide monitor. Any leaks can be life-threatening, so safety first is always the rule.

By placing the boiler in an underused space, such as a utility room, it will be separate from your main living area but easily accessible. Installing a boiler in the loft is an option; however, this must be boarded out and have good lighting and a loft ladder. The argument against fitting your boiler too far away from hot water taps is that it may have to work harder and waste energy.

The garage space is another option; however, as with a loft installation, you must make sure it is well insulated and protected against frost.…

All Kitchens Small and Great: Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space

All Kitchens Small and Great: Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space

Kitchens are available in all sizes and shapes and have the potential of being a great space. However, how does one make a decision when it comes to choosing a layout for the perfect kitchen while considering the space available to them? While the “work triangle”, which is the path between food storage, cooking and cleaning areas, offers efficiency, people today are still demanding more. Consider consulting a designer, such as Zen Kuchen, today to find the perfect balance. In this article, we will be looking at the best solutions and layouts for different spaces.

Large Rooms

You might think that making kitchen-layout decisions is easier when you have more space, but that is not always true. The ideal kitchen layout will be influenced by how you plan on using the kitchen, the number of people who will be using the space, and your styling preference. Balancing aesthetics and function is a delicate process. Plus, you don’t want your space becoming both too cavernous and too cluttered.


If you have ample space to work with, consider a U-shaped cabinet layout with an island situated in the central section. Cabinets installed across three walls will provide tons of storage space, providing room to store your appliances, getting them out of plain sight. Islands are multifunctional surfaces that can give your kitchen different identities; from daytime homework space and cooking to a social zone in the evenings.


With surrounding cabinets jutting into the room, you can have your workspace formed like a ‘G’. This is the perfect choice for people who need the functionality of kitchen islands while still being able to enjoy a stretch of continuous worktop space. This option maximises on cabinet space and is quite popular with traditional kitchen layouts that keep the dining area separate. The end of the ‘G’ can be utilised as a snack area, homework zone, or breakfast bar by families with young ones.


The L-shape layout is more of an open plan that works well for people looking for flexible dining and living. Configuring your cabinets in the L-shape will allow your lounge and dining areas to become a part of your kitchen space. This layout creates scope for you to move freely within the space, making it an excellent option for families with more than one cook and want to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

Small Rooms

If you have limited space, then your cabinet layout options are quite narrow. For a square room, a U-shape layout without an island makes the most sense. For rectangular rooms, an L-shape or galley layout is the best option. The most important thing in this instance is vertical storage and layout as it is more flexible and can make a huge difference when it comes to tailoring the space.


For limited floor spaces, cabinets are what you should consider working with and can make a huge difference. To ensure your cabinet interiors are more than efficient, consider using pull out solutions …

A Guide to Sound Insulating Your Windows

A Guide to Sound Insulating Your Windows

You might be surprised to learn that traffic noise is the single largest environmental problem that Europe faces after air pollution; it causes over 60,000 premature deaths annually, leading to heart disease, high blood pressure, and a greater risk of diabetes or even stroke.

The question is, how should you soundproof your home?

The first and most important point that you should note is that sound proof glazing is only and can only ever be good as its weakest point. You might build thicker walls, or stuff them with as much insulation as you wish, or even invest in the latest sound insulating windows, but they can never deliver the results that you seek in isolation. It is important to realise that they have to work together for the best results.

How Does Sound Insulation Work?

Sound insulation works in three ways or a combination of them. The first is stopping the noise through the addition of mass to the structure for reflecting the sound. You are essentially creating an incredibly dense acoustically ‘dead’ surface that does not vibrate or vibrates less than other materials. It is referred to as dampening.

Absorption is the second option where sound is absorbed by a material that prevents it from passing through to the other side, such as wall insulation, for instance.

Creating a barrier between one structure and the other is the third option. It prevents the sound from passing between the structures in the form of vibration thus effectively creating a gap that the vibrations are unable to ‘jump’. It is referred to as decoupling.

How Do Acoustic Glass and Soundproof Windows Work?

Acoustic glass helps reduce noise pollution through the dissipation and deflection of sound waves. It achieves this through a combination of the use of acoustic interlayers, glass thickness, and the space between the glass. The sound waves are disrupted by a variation in these.

The general rule is that denser materials tend to be better at doing this, which means that the thicker the glass the better. However, this should also be set at different thicknesses.

It is the reason why just adding a third pane to a unit in a triple-glazed window has just a limited impact in noise reduction. Unfortunately, it is not something that salespersons either understand or communicate effectively to homeowners.

Sound passes through objects in a linear direction. Using glass of varying thickness in combination means that units tend to be more effective when it comes to dissipating and disrupting sound.

Acoustic glazing maximises the effectiveness of this by combining varying glass thickness and specially developed PVB layers applied to the glass in the manufacturing process. They provide yet another layer at another thickness, absorbing and dampening sound and ensuring that it does not pass from one side of the glass to the other.

If thicker and more layers for disrupting sound waves form the basic principle of sound proof glass window design, it means that there are numerous different variables within it …

Brexit’s Impact On Home Improvements

Brexit’s Impact On Home Improvements

Getting tired of Brexit news? We can sympathise; we feel the same way! If you have any plans for home improvements in the near future, though, you might need to think about the impact that the departure could have.

We can predict with a fair degree of confidence that the world isn’t going to end – or even change catastrophically – on March 29, 2019. When it comes to the construction industry, Brexit’s impact has been and will doubtless continue to be gradual. The change is already underway, though. The cost of making improvements to your home has already been affected. Read this guide from Glass Inspirations to find out more.

Is Brexit Increasing the Cost of Home Improvement

As with so many Brexit queries, the answer to this one is a frustratingly ambiguous ‘yes and no.’ Like many industries, the construction industry has felt a sharp Brexit-related labour squeeze ever since the referendum vote.

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has regularly tracked the number of EU citizens who enter and leave the UK. The difference between the two figures sank to 87,000 in the year up to March. This represents the lowest level the ONS has recorded since 2012.

The ONS goes on to emphasize that this figure is shrinking due to pressure from both ends. Not only are more EU citizens emigrating; fewer new arrivals are coming to replace them.

Even more significantly, migration to the UK from the A8 countries has gone negative for the first time ever, with just 45,000 arrivals against 47,000 departures. (The A8 group includes those countries that joined the EU by 2004 – Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.)

What bearing does all this have on the cost of YOUR home improvements? Quite simply, it matters because the building and building products industries are disproportionately reliant on migrant workers.

Window and door manufacturers, for instance, recruited heavily in the A8 countries to meet their labour needs. The significant reduction in immigrants reaching the UK from those countries has driven up those manufacturers’ employment costs.

The building trades also have to contend with an increasingly competitive economy. According to an ONS report issued in October, wages rose by 3.1% in June, July, and August when compared to wages last year. This is the single greatest jump in wages seen since the economic crisis of 2008.

Is this all Brexit’s fault? We can’t say with certainty – and that’s why we had to give an evasive answer to the key question above. What is certain is that labour costs are currently on the rise. Ample historical evidence shows us that rising labour costs virtually always lead to higher prices for home improvements. (The falling value of the Pound certainly doesn’t help!)

What Will Brexit Do To Home-Improvement Costs Long-Term?

The current financial and economic climate is one of the most uncertain in living memory. In a Green Paper published this summer by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), Brexit’s impact on the …

Top Heating Tips to Try Out in 2019

Top Heating Tips to Try Out in 2019

2019 is here! Is your wallet feeling the pinch now that the festive season has come to a close? For most of us, mainly those going through their bank records, making it through the earlier parts of the year, the month of January to be exact, may seem like an uphill battle.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could be able to save on heating costs, especially considering the fact that most people forget to factor in the cost of keeping their homes comfortably warm throughout the festive period in their monthly budget? Don’t worry, there won’t be any mention of foil or bubble wrap! Read on to learn some useful tips on how to save on your home’s heating cost in 2019.

Sleep Tight

During the cold season, be sure to have the right duvet. Before buying one, check the tog rating guide, usually indicated on the side of the packaging, or look at some samples which are available at most shopping outlets.

Consider laying out several rugs at your bedside if you have wooden flooring at home. Alternatively, you can set the thermostat to low and make significant savings by buying some adorable warm blankets which you can snuggle under while relaxing on the couch, or be spread over your usual bedding. Wear some additional layers of clothes and don’t forget to make use of those Christmas socks as well!

Get With the Smart Trend

Think about having a smart meter installed in your home and get to track and save on your energy usage. Fortunately, until 2020, these are available for free for those of you living in the UK. Start your journey towards energy savings now by simply seeking more information from your utilities company.

Shop Smart

For the best offers, perfect for your pocket and home, use Uswitch and/or a website like comparethemarket.com as you hunt for the best prices when shopping. With the right offers, you stand to save hundreds of pounds.

Work Your Home’s Interior Decor

Windows account for 10 to 25 percent of your home’s overall heat loss. During the day, opening shades and curtains, to allow sunlight into the indoor space, on all windows facing south will make it possible for you to reap the warming capabilities of the sun’s heat. You can create a warmer space without spending any money, by shutting doors to other rooms, leaving the radiator clear by moving your sofa farther from it; you definitely don’t have to fret about remodeling your entire living room. You can also place a balloon, which can be removed or deflated when you wish to light a fire, over your fireplace, if your house has one, to prevent warm indoor air from going up and out the chimney,

Use Insulation to Retain Heat

From under-floor heating, double glazed windows and loft insulation, it is often said that insulation is your best weapon against heat loss. If the above-mentioned options are beyond your budget, consider using a …

How to Detect a Rogue Access Point on Your WIFI Network

How to Detect a Rogue Access Point on Your WIFI Network

A rogue access point (AP) is any Wi-Fi access point connected to a network without authorization. In order to protect sensitive data, it is critical to prevent the use of unauthorized access points. Since a rogue AP is not under the management of network administrators, nor does it necessarily conform to network security policies, then rogue access points can allow attackers to bypass network security and attack the network or capture sensitive data.

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In the absence of a wireless probe to monitor the airwaves, security personnel can manually search for rogue APs. An inexpensive but effective method for finding potential rogues is to use a freely available Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port scanner that identifies enabled TCP ports from various devices connected to the network.

The steps to discover a rogue AP begin with running the port scanner software from a computer connected to the network. The utility uncovers all Port 80 (HTTP) interfaces on the network, which include all Web servers, some printers, and nearly all access points. The AP will generally respond to the port scanner’s ping with the vendor name and it’s corresponding Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Once an AP is discovered, the network administrator must determine if the AP is or is not a rogue. Ideally, the administrator would use software that would allow a pre-configured authorized list of access APs. If the scanning for rogue APs is manual, a list of authorized APs is still necessary. The authorized list can be populated using the following attributes:

MAC Address



Radio Media Type

ChannelThe aforementioned attributes, determined automatically or manually if software is not being used, will alert the detection tool if access points with differing attributes from the authorized list are present.

When rogue access points are determined, the administrator must have procedures in place to identify their locations.

Perhaps the most difficult step in this discovery process is to determine the physical location of the rogue access point. wifi機 may help. A routing table is present on all IP nodes.

The routing table stores information about 租借國際WiFi分享器 and how they can be reached. Because all nodes perform some form of IP routing then any node loading the TCP/IP protocol has a routing table. When an IP packet is to be forwarded, the routing table is used to determine the physical or logical interface used to forward the packet to either its destination or the next 無線網路 分享器.

With the information derived from the routing table, a rogue IP address may be located by determining which node the address utilizes. Keep in mind that the location of nodes must be correlated with the addresses in the routing table. The limited operational distance of the RF signal can be useful in narrowing down the physical location of the rogue access point as well.

Perhaps the most fundamental step in protecting against a rogue access point may be having a security policy. A security policy should outline the rules against unauthorized wireless devices and employees …

The Two Devices That Make Up a Wireless Network

The Two Devices That Make Up a Wireless Network

I am going to take a look at wireless networking devices. The first device you will need is a modem. Basically, a japan wifi rental cheap is a device that takes analog waves which are transmitted over telephone lines, and converts them into a digital signal which can be read by a computer and then back to an analog signal to travel through the phone line once again. You do want a good modem or you are going to have a never ending headache like my mom’s modem gave me all through Jr.

Hasil gambar untuk wifi portable

High and high school. I managed to find the Actiontex GT701D modem. This modem has a built-in double commercial-grade firewall for added security. It has a single Ethernet port which ensures compatibility with virtually all network-ready computer systems and DSL Internet service providers. For those of you that have children this router offers parental control features. It is also preconfigured for simple setup, which is always nice. This portable wifi rental also has a feature that I have not seen before. That is remote management support. This lets you adjust the pocket wifi japan from a location outside of the network. This modem has great reviews, except for its manual. Although, from what I have read the quick start guide that comes on the modem’s program takes you easily through all the steps you need to setup the modem. This modem also has a great low price of $50.

The second device needed is a wireless router takes the connection the internet connection, usually from a modem, and broadcasts it to wireless devices. The router needs to be powerful enough to handle as many devices and bandwidths as you normally demand. You also need it to be secure enough to keep your privacy and information safe. After looking around I found a router that would meet the needs of most college students. The router I found was the Cisco Linksys – E1000 Wireless-N Router. This router would not hold up to having dozens of devices connected and active at the same time, but it can handle a few, which would be enough for most college students. The router also has a 300 mbps data transfer rate, which is plenty fast enough to meet the needs of most people. The Cisco Linksys E1000 is an N router, which is the latest network version, but it is also compatible with older B and G standards. This allows your older devices to connect to it. This router has up to 128-bit encryption to keep all your information secure. This level of encryption is impressive. This may not be the top of the line wireless network router, but that is the reason you can get it for only $50, and it is still plenty good enough to meet the needs of most college students. I have yet to mention the best part. According to the many reviews I shifted through, this router is extremely easy to set up which is always …

How to have a clean house with pets in between

How to have a clean house with pets in between

If you have a dog or a cat and you want to know how to clean the house with pets, what we are going to tell you next interests you. Living with an animal has many psychological benefits: it keeps us company, helps us to exercise, makes us more responsible, etc. Like everything, it also has a less beautiful face. And is that many owners (and possible futures) are concerned about how to keep the house clean with dogs or cats with the help of maid service Barrie.

A task that a priori can be complicated, but if you put into practice the tips to keep your home clean with pets that we give you next you will see that it is not so much. We will not deny that one of the negative aspects of having animals at home is the relationship with cleanliness. And it is very possible that when it comes to incorporating (or not) one more member of the family, this is one of the aspects to be taken into account.

Having an animal at home means more dirt. This is a fact that can not be changed, since being one more at home, the greater the chances of staining different rooms. To that we have to add that a dog or a cat can not be equated with a human being when it comes to asking for a minimum of coexistence and cleanliness. What is at hand is taking a series of measures to keep the house clean when we live with pets.

Top tips to have a clean home with dogs and cats

1. Put carpets around the house. Covering the floor of the house with different rugs will be used to collect dirt from our pets, especially at the entrance of the house as well as under the sofa, the dining table and any favorite corner of our animals. One of the advantages is that they can be easily washed and, if they are in poor condition, they can be easily replaced.

2. Paint the surfaces dark. Cleaning the furniture and rooms where we do not want our pet to be a dark color is one of the best tips to have your home clean, since it allows to hide the complicated spots to eliminate.

3. Wash the food bowls with sunflower oil. This will prevent stains in your food containers. We also recommend that each animal at home have its own containers to eat and drink.

4. Latex gloves, your great allies. They will be very useful when you go to rub the different surfaces without spoiling your hands.

5. Shaving cream, one of the cleaning service products if you live with pets. In addition to other uses, the shaving cream manages to make disappear the most complicated spots like the vomit of a dog or the urine. To do this, spray the place with a jet of shaving foam, wait a minute and wash with warm water.

6. Baby wipes. …

Dog Foods – Raw, Organic, and Commercial

Dog Foods – Raw, Organic, and Commercial

Are you starting to take another look at dog food? If you are like me I have been trying different types of foods to give my dog a healthier life. He has had skin problems and chronic ear infections. What are the differences between raw, organic and commercial dog foods?

One of the simplest things under our control to help solve health problems is food. Eating nutritional foods appropriate to maintaining healthy bodies is necessary. In researching German shepherd in malaysia food there are many philosophies which people have an opinion or belief.

Raw foods versus organic or natural foods versus commercially prepared foods and others.

Raw food advocates want their dogs to return to the wild and eat according to their own instincts and natural inclinations and feel that dry commercial food is not healthy for their pets.

Organic food advocates want their dogs to eat organic foods. These people are concerned of chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, medications and antibiotics, and herbicides used on plants and animals causing contamination and disease in their pets.

Commercial puppy malaysia foods are convenient to the public and many blends are offered from normal to ill health issues. These products seem to be reasonably priced and people do trust that the food manufacturer is producing a good nutritional product for their dog. And the customer feels confident of the scientific research invested in producing good dog food.

Raw food requires a responsibility by the pet owner to be sure that they adhere to safe food handling to minimize bacterial infection of meats. Advocates of raw meat say it is safer to purchase frozen raw meat from pet suppliers than the meat we buy for human consumption because it has a higher standard and control of bacteria and contaminants.

Do you remember watching documentaries of dogs eating other animals? Did you take note that wild dogs eat all parts of another animal including intestinal contents? The gut which has processed grains, grasses, and berries contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients not found in the muscle or other tissues.

When preparing raw food for your dog be sure to have clean hands, clean cutting board and utensils, and clean feeding dishes. Cleanliness is critical.

Organic foods whether raw or home cooked also need careful supervision of cleanliness when preparing food. There needs to be an awareness of balancing nutrients for your dog to have healthy and nutritional meals. These foods would contain meat and vegetables to be sure necessary vitamins and minerals are provided.

Commercial food advocates feel they produce a better product inclusive of correct and necessary ingredients needed for dogs. They argue that much research supports the benefit of dry commercial and canned foods and for the cost and the convenience of their product the consumer should be satisfied that their Rotweiller food is the best that they are purchasing.

When buying commercial dog food dry or canned; read the labels carefully. This is why there are many arguments against commercially prepared foods.

This …

Ingénierie architecturale – Un seul champ intégré pour la construction

Ingénierie architecturale – Un seul champ intégré pour la construction

Le génie architectural est soigneusement concentré sur la conception architecturale, les problèmes de constructibilité, la sécurité des personnes et l’économie de la construction. En outre, il traite également de critères de conception réalistes, tels que les implications économiques et les problèmes environnementaux, sociaux, éthiques et de durabilité. En utilisant des développements de conception intégrés, des outils technologiques modernes et les codes de conception les plus récents pour atteindre ces objectifs, le département souligne les avantages d’une approche d’équipe interdisciplinaire étroite pour la conception et la construction utilisant des services d’ingénierie architecturale.

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Les architecte lyon doivent avoir une connaissance suffisante des codes du bâtiment, des lois et des règlements locaux et doivent posséder de hautes compétences dans les travaux manuels. Si une personne veut apprendre tout cela en profondeur, elle doit avoir un diplôme d’études collégiales ou un certificat de cours similaire.
Les ingénieurs qui réussissent doivent faire preuve de souplesse et d’innovation tout en respectant les réglementations et les codes du bâtiment locaux, puisqu’un ingénieur en architecture est chargé de la conception et de la planification des travaux d’intérieur et de la supervision des plans et des plans pour tout, des immeubles de la ville et des ponts aux petites maisons de campagne et aux manoirs de luxe .
Toute personne ayant une expertise dans la préparation, la planification, la construction et le processus de construction peut avoir l’aptitude à trouver une carrière victorieuse dans l’ingénierie architecturale. Les ingénieurs architectes spécialisés en structures peuvent comprendre et satisfaire non seulement les nécessités structurelles d’un bâtiment, mais également les exigences architecturales, électriques, de transport, de plomberie et acoustiques.

Ce domaine inclut une richesse d’expertise et de compétences en architecture et en génie civil afin de vous proposer des solutions associant imagination, fonctionnalité et coût. L’externalisation de services de conception architecturale importants, tels que la conception de bâtiments et de structures, d’élévations et de sections, de rendus 3D extérieurs et intérieurs, de plans et d’estimations de coûts est une bonne intelligence économique.

Avantages de l’ingénierie architecturale:

oL’ingénierie architecturale offre souvent à l’acheteur ou au constructeur la possibilité de personnaliser l’apparence de sa maison et de son bâtiment.
oVous pouvez choisir le type de sol, les armoires, les aménagements paysagers, les tapis et même la disposition générale des pièces.

oIl définit l’espace en créant une transition entre environnements au lieu d’une separationSi vous envisagez de construire une résidence, vous devez consulter tous les services d’ingénierie architecturale offerts. Ils peuvent créer une énorme variation dans le cabinet d’architecte que vous avez décidé d’utiliser ces services.…